Project 52

I love New Years and the resolutions that come with it, though I’m not always steadfast in my ability to follow through. I am much better about setting goals and completing projects than I am with specific resolutions. For 2011 I decided to take a different approach, push my boundaries a bit and try some new things. Some are things I have been planning on doing anyways, and some are things that are going to be out of my comfort zone. I can always add or delete from the list, but I’ve come up with 52 projects for the year that I’d like to try. That’s one a week, though some are definitely going to overlap into other weeks or be year long projects. This blog is supposed to help me keep track of what I accomplish.

    1. Read 12 new books. (0/12)
    2. Complete a Day in the Life scrapbook project.
    3. Try 100 NEW recipes. (0/100)
    4. Send more random gifts and thoughtful mail.
    5. Do a Photo a Day project for a month.
    6. Finish two quilts. (0/2)
    7. Travel some place totally new.
    8. Make a butterfly wall hanging.
    9. Enlarge and frame one of my own pictures.
    10. Host and/or attend a retreat.
    11. Host a dinner party.
    12. Do a Layout a Day for a month.
    13. Eat meat free for a week.
    14. Eat gluten free for a week.
    15. Finish Mom & Dad’s PEI scrapbook.
    16. Complete an Encyclopedia of Me scrapbook.
    17. Make a wreath.
    18. Sew a table runner for myself.
    19. Make and mail Christmas cards.
    20. Take an art class.
    21. Take a sewing/quilting class.
    22. Paint everyday for a week.
    23. Sing in public.
    24. Frame student art for the classroom.
    25. Make my own subway art.
    26. Take a Big Picture Scrapbooking class and actually do the work.
    27. Frame my Bachelor of Arts degree.
    28. Paint my bedroom.
    29. Make a Christmas Memories scrapbook.
    30. Make a Christmas Ornament scrapbook.
    31. Go to the drive in movie theater.
    32. Pay off credit card.
    33. Go to a Roughrider game.
    34. Make homemade ice cream.
    35. Go to an Oilers game.
    36. Watch 12 new movies. (0/12)
    37. Donate blood.
    38. Go golfing twice. (0/2)
    39. Get new glasses.
    40. Complete a December Daily scrapbook.
    41. Stay up and watch a meteor shower.
    42. Volunteer.
    43. Get a massage.
    44. Lose 50 lbs. (0/50)
    45. Go for a walk 2 times or more a week. (0/104)
    46. Edit, delete, and back up photos every month. (0/12)
    47. Floss regularly.
    48. Attend a concert.
    49. Make a once a month all about me scrapbook page. (0/12)
    50. Clean up for 10 minutes before bed.
    51. Make 12 meaningful phone calls to friends. (0/12)
    52. Get more real plants for the classroom and home.

      I think anything is possible if I can commit myself to doing it!

      4 thoughts on “Project 52

      1. Nicole says:

        Wow, so fun!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!! 🙂

      2. Nicole Phoenix says:

        Nadine, You are my hero! This is such an awesome thing to do. = )

      3. Colleen Gurney says:


      4. Cindy Weinkauf says:

        VERY impressive Nadine! Awesome!! I always search craft blogs so this is very neat to see one from somebody I know!! Way to go! Your projects are amazing, the photos you take are amazing, and the way you present it all on this blog is great!

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