Painting Class

Number 20 on my Project 52 list was to take an art class, and it was one thing on my list that I’ve been thinking about doing for the past year or so. There are art classes offered in the area but they are usually upwards of $100 and always seemed to fall on a day of the week when I was consistently unavailable. At the beginning of January I found a landscape art class offered locally that was only going to be $80 and was offered on Tuesday nights, when I had no other commitments. I was in the process of getting myself registered in this art class when a friend from work told me that she was taking an art class taught by the retired art teacher in her community. They were working on using acrylic to paint landscapes and that the cost was only $2 a night! SIGN ME UP!

Yesterday was my second art class and I have to say that for this beginner painter that this low cost of $2 was right up my alley! I’m learning some new painting techniques with a bunch of woman, many of which are teachers, and most of us are beginners so it’s a very “safe” environment where the toughest critic is always ourselves. I completely understand how the kids feel now when they ask “How did you get yours to turn out so good!?” now that I’m a student myself.

I finished this painting last night, my first completed picture. I still need to sign my name and I might add another tree, but it was finished to the point where I could at least bring it home. I do have to say that I’m kind of surprised at how it turned out. I like it! It’s funny how the process moves from “This is terrible” as you begin the project, to “Wow!” as all the parts come together. It’s not a masterpiece but it definitely gives me confidence that a masterpiece of attainable and it gives me the motivation to keep going back!


3 thoughts on “Painting Class

  1. Amber says:

    It’s so much fun to start new art adventures. Good for you for getting into painting. I love it and miss it because I never make time for it. Now I’m inspired!

  2. Cathy says:

    Nadine – I LOVE it! Barn paintings are among my favorites… I think it’s amazing that this is your first painting ever. Great job!

  3. Colleen Gurney says:

    AWESOME! Man, I wish we lived closer. I’d be right in there with you!

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