Hopscotch Too

Hmm…what are we working on here?

I went home last weekend to celebrate my upcoming birthday with my family and to attend the Everyday Style product launch held in Humboldt. Friday night I was convincing two of my aunts to come to this product launch with me and trying to see what they could do in Humboldt while I was at a meeting. Just like a lot of small cities we found that Humboldt had a fabric store called the Haus of Stitches (not to be confused with House, as I refused to pronounce it that way much to the chagrin of my mother).

I saw this fabric as soon as I walked into the store, the little owls being the first thing to catch my eye. These sort of soft earth tones are so my kind of colours. There was a quilt up on the wall using these fabrics, but my time was limited and I didn’t think I’d have enough time to find the pattern, get the measurements, cut the fabric, etc so I just decided it wasn’t meant to be. That is until I walked to the back of the store where they had a shelf full of prepackaged quilting kits, including a kit for the quilt I had seen on the wall! It was meant to be after all!

The quilt pattern is called Hopscotch Too and is by Designs to Share With You. This is where fabric choice speaks volume. Based solely on the picture on the front of this pattern I never would have picked it up, but after seeing a finished quilt made with this pattern using fabrics I like there was no hesitation that this would be the next quilt I’d make.The majority of the fabric is from a Robert Kaufman line called On a Whim 2 designed by Amy Shimler. I am especially fond of the owls.

I really like these “whack and stack” sort of quilts, as I like to call them. The kind where the finished product looks like it involved many intricate, well measured cuts, where in reality it really just involved sewing things together and then cutting them apart again. I cut all of the squares out on Tuesday night while a friend from work was here working on her own quilt. Of course I got talking and managed to cut one block 1/2 an inch too small, but luckily I had bought a few fat quarters in matching fabric so I could fix my mistake. Note to self: measure twice, cut once.

The downfall of these whack and stack quilts is the ironing. After cutting out and ironing the fabric blocks it took me less than two hours to sew them together, cut them out again, and iron everything a second or third time. There would be significantly more time spent with the iron if I were to cut each of these pieces out and sew them together individually, so I really shouldn’t complain.

After cutting the block apart twice and sewing things back together again twice I’ll end up with a block that has four different fabrics on each corner. If I had cut out my borders the other night as well and had a dedicated day to work on this quilt I could easily have the top sewn together within a few hours.

That, of course, is not how I work so the partially finished blocks have been set aside for another day.

3 thoughts on “Hopscotch Too

  1. Vanessa says:

    Good job lady!! Learning how to quilt is also on my todo list. For when the kids and my house are much bigger!! lol U R so crafty!!!

  2. Date Girl says:

    How adorable! I love the little owls. I do not know how to sew but I would love to learn.

  3. Susie says:

    Loe me some owls… and the whack and stack looks fun, too. I might have to give it a try soon (maybe May?!)…

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