Good Food + Good People

It was my birthday on Friday and to celebrate my friends came over for an appetizer party. The only requirements for attendance was that you show up with some sort of appetizer in hand. It was a very rich (and delicious) cheesey goodness kind of night. It’s nice to have friends who support my idea that a night in with friends is just as fun as a night out with friends (cheaper too!) We had good food, good games, and of course, good company.

Craig brought Seafood Surprise Spread. I’m not a huge seafood fan, but the little shrimp pieces in this taste so good!

Kathy brought mushroom caps that were loaded with bacon and topped with cheese. You can never go wrong with bacon.

She also brought crab stuffed snowpeas. Something I’ve never even heard of before, but they were delicious. It was a good combination of something creamy and smooth with the nice crunch of the snap peas.

Jenna brought bruschetta and it was tasty!

I made stuffed mushroom caps too, and hot artichoke dip, but I’ll share them later so I can include the recipes.

My 26th birthday was a blast and I’m so blessed to have been able to celebrate it with these people. You know I’ve been talking with friends here lately about how I’m not sure of what I’m doing with my life and whether I want to stay where I am. I’ve been feeling so uncertain about where my life is going lately, but when I was transferring these pictures from my camera to my computer I saw this one and I just thought how in the world could I want to be anywhere else? I love these people.


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