Recipe #7: Ice Cream Cake

I love ice cream cake. It’s a fairly well known fact that ice cream cake is the best birthday party cake, even for this winter birthday girl. In my opinion Dairy Queen ice cream cakes are still the best, but they come along with a hefty price tag that I wasn’t willing to pay this year. After doing some research online I came across this website, and I decided that it really looked like a piece of cake (pun intended). My roommate, Sara, and I went to town for birthday party supplies, including the supplies for the ice cream cake. We picked up a gallon of cheap chocolate ice cream, a package of FudgeeO cookies, whip cream and chocolate sauce. I should have picked up chocolate fudge sauce but I didn’t realize I had picked up syrup until we were already home, but it still worked. I also used caramel sauce that we had in the fridge.

When we got home the ice cream was already starting to melt to the point where it was trying to push the lid off of the pail. Frantically I started scooping ice cream into the spring form pan to form the bottom layer of the cake.

I didn’t get a picture of the next layer, but I used my Magic Bullet to break up some FudgeeO cookies to mix with the chocolate sauce to form the middle gooey chocolate layer. Sara came to watch and as ice cream was melting all over the place I shoved the cake across the island to her and said, “HELP!” We chopped up some more FudgeeO cookies to mix in with the chocolate ice cream for the top layer before spreading it on. Sara also told me to put the camera down because I was wasting time!

I crushed more FudgeeO’s to sprinkle on top, then made a checkerboard pattern on top of that with the caramel Smuckers sauce. The final addition was whipped cream around the edge for a decorative finish! At this point though the kitchen was an absolute disaster, with ice cream and dirty dishes as far as the eye could see. We frantically cleared a space in the freezer and threw the ice cream cake inside, because by this point it was starting to be so melty that it was leaking out the bottom of the springform pan!

24 hours later and the cake popped out of the springform mold without any assistance from a warm knife, and was served with an extra helping of whipped cream. AMAZING. The middle layer was missing the fudgey taste that you get with a DQ cake, but all of the cookie chunks more than made up for it. Because of the speed required when preparing such a meal, this was easily put together in no more than 15 minutes.

Would I try this again? Absolutely! I don’t think I’ll ever buy ice cream cake again!


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