The 10 Hour Craft-a-thon

I went to Edmonton last weekend to see my friend Carmen. Carmen is like my long lost sister – we have so much in common. One of our common loves is that of the papercrafting variety.

While I was visiting we decided to set aside one day for crafting, and craft we did on Saturday. Carmen’s friend Marijana came to join us and the fun got started around 2pm…and didn’t end until midnight! As of Saturday night we had each made 25 cards for a total of 75 cards made in that 10 hour period on Saturday.

Sunday morning Carmen and I got up and the crafting continued for a couple hours before I had to head for home. At weekend’s end I came home with a whopping 37 cards!

This colour combination and this stamp made my favorite cards of the weekend and I foresee myself hoarding these cards for ages. They are just so pretty! I’m coming to the realization that I really need to get a nice 2-step stamping flower set because I love all of the cards I’ve ever created using a set like that!

Project #4 on my Project 52 list was to send more random gifts and thoughtful mail and I think this giant stack of cards would be a great way to cross this project off of the list.

In the past I’ve spent evenings and days making cards with friends but then I never want to part with them because they look so pretty.

Really though, what’s the point of spending money on the card making supplies if I can’t part with them? This is the year I get better about this since I’m pretty sure I have 50 finished cards (or more) sitting in a drawer that are waiting to be sent to someone. Maybe you will be that lucky person!

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