Vi’s for Pies

Back in February I made a trip to Edmonton to visit my friend Carmen, the same trip that included the epic card making day. Food had to be eaten of course, so one afternoon while we were out shopping we decided to hit up Vi’s for Pies for lunch. When I lived in Edmonton my Aunty Carol talked about this place frequently, mostly about their lemon merangue pies, but during the two years I lived there I never actually got to experience anything from Vi’s for Pies, pie or anything otherwise.

Carmen and I got seated at our table and after looking at the menu (which was presented to us on a chalkboard and easel) we both decided on the chicken pot pie for lunch. Now I LOVE chicken pot pie and this was so amazing that I think I could have wept. It wasn’t served in pie form, but instead like a chicken pot pie stew with a giant piece of pastry served with it. It was amazing and extremely filling!

Despite the filling quality of the chicken pot pie we were at Vi’s for Pies, so obviously the next thing we ordered was pie. Two pieces of pie to be exact. The first pie was peanut butter pie, which included a crust of chocolate rice krispies. The peanut butter was incredibly rich and had we thought about it at the time, best served with a glss of cold milk.

The chocolate mousse was the winner of the two pies for both of us. While the peanut butter pie was thick and stuck to the roof of your mouth, the chocolate mousse was light with a texture like whip cream. It was amazing!

I’ve seen some reviews indicating that the service was subpar, but we must have gotten lucky because the whole experience was great. I’ll definitely be going back!

One thought on “Vi’s for Pies

  1. Date Girl says:

    k, I feel fat just LOOKING at those pies. Um, droool.

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