A Day In The Life

Last Saturday (March 26) I decided to tackle project #2: Complete a Day in the Life scrapbook project. I’m not sure why I said scrapbook project because essentially I’m okay with these pictures not going any farther than this, but we’ll see where that gets to! Saturday seemed like a good day because I wasn’t going too far from home, I could have my camera out at the ready for everything. If you’re not a camera person this next sentence is going to sound weird to you. Saturday also seemed like a good day because I was really missing my camera and this gave me an excuse to use it multiple times during the day.

7:56 am Up at the crack of dawn for no real good reason I decide to make use of this fact and have the first load of laundry in the washer before 8:00.

7:57 am Ingredients are pulled out of the fridge for breakfast.

8:13 am A herb, mushroom and cheese frittata is ready to go in the oven.

8:26 am Ingredients for a marinated bean salad are drained and waiting for the dressing.

8:36 am Chopping up celery to add to my bean salad. I love how celery looks from this angle.

8:45 am My two most commonly referred to cookbooks – the netbook and a notebook where I write recipes from family members.

8:46 am My frittata has inflated awkwardly during the baking process.

8:47 am Ready to dig in!

8:50 am I do my first load of dishes for the day while my frittata cools off a bit.

9:33 am Chocolate chip banana muffin ingredients assemble around the mixer for our hockey windup tonight.

10:03 am Laundry is ready to be switched around.

10:18 am For the first time in ages I actually fold everything as soon as it comes out of the dryer and get everything hung up immediately.

10:48 am I take a blogging break and get caught up on some blog posts, recipes and Facebook.

12:17 pm Carol and I sit down to try and tackle the giant mess we started during the week when we decided we wanted to make a bunch of cards.

12:48 pm The towel load is finished and ready to be put away.

2:17 pm This cutie patootie shows up at the house to do some sword fighting.

2:19 pm Sword fighting is too much for Kayden and he crashes for a nap.

3:47 pm We ran into town for a few groceries and supplies for tonight’s hockey wind up, and I need supplies to make Teresa’s birthday cake tomorrow.

3:48 pm Meowing Miya wants attention…or food.

4:09 pm A little cracker, cheese and pepperoni snack before supper.

4:50 pm Honey Mustard chicken goes in the oven for supper.

5:44 pm I cut up the cucumbers and make the dressing for my cucumber salad to have with supper.

5:44 pm Tastes delicious!

5:56 pm Roasted asparagus, honey mustard chicken and cucumber salad, all ready to eat!

6:43 pm I continue to work on my cards while Carol gets ready for the hockey windup.

7:08 pm Twenty minutes later and I have four cards almost finished.

7:17 pm These two are not supposed to be in there!

7:19 pm I pull my make up out and start to get ready for the night.

7:27 pm Mascara is always last. My eyes look tired thanks to my 7am wake up.

7:36 pm All ready to go!

11:08 pm Having a great time with our hockey team at the wind up!

2:53 am Even the kitties are settled into their chair and ready for bed at this hour.

2:55 pm I take a minute to reflect on the day, crossing things off my never ending to-do list.

2:57 pm Good night!

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