One Sheet Wonder Cards

Last summer I spent an evening making cards with a couple of my aunts. Two out of three of them were part of a card club that was doing a one sheet wonder Christmas in July card class, and the other aunt and I were invited to join in for an evening of cards. I had never heard of a one sheet wonder card until that night when I found out that a one sheet wonder is a collection of cards made out of one very well used piece of patterned paper, cut to specific dimensions to get the largest amount of cards.

Carol and I decided to make cards one night and got the idea that we should try this. We searched for one sheet wonder templates and found one that we liked, which ended up making 16 cards each. The measuring and cutting is an intense process however, so since we were going to the trouble we decided to do up two sets of one sheet wonder cards.

I wanted some cards that would work as just regular note cards, without a birthday or anniversary message inside so I could pick any to send out. The one sheet wonder template only tells you how to cut the pieces for each card, but after that it’s up to you to decide how to embellish it or lay it out on the card, and it was a lot of fun to play around with the other pieces.

This is the set I kept for myself and the other set I gave away to my mom. I’ll share that set another day! I’m hoping to use this set of cards to send out more random happy mail and cross another project off of my list.

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