Mount Rushmore, SD

Continuing on with our journey of a few thousand miles over the April break our major destination on day one of travel was Mount Rushmore. The original plans didn’t include seeing Mount Rushmore until Kari mentioned it one day and said, “Is this crazy to fit into our trip?” And I said, “it’s crazy not to!” So following our brief stop in Deadwood, SD we were back in the Escape headed towards Mount Rushmore.

We arrived at Mount Rushmore with not a lot of time to spare in the day. Lucky for us the sky was clear and the memorial was mostly empty. There was no fighting for good photography spots, or even more so, good parking spots.

I’ve seen pictures of Mount Rushmore before and thought yeah okay, it’s some presidents in some rock, impressive, but really, this place is IMPRESSIVE! As you walk up to the main viewing area you pass through these pillars that represent the states and the years they became part of the United States. Looming in the distance these four giant presidents are staring in your direction.

I don’t think pictures do justice to the size of Mount Rushmore. It was significantly larger than I had pictured. I knew it was big, but until your standing in front of it like a tiny little ant you don’t really grasp the sheer hugeness of it. George Washington’s nose along is 20 feet tall!

I took probably 30 pictures of the presidents, but it’s actually a hard thing to photograph. Every angle I got looks fairly similar. What amazes me most is that Mount Rushmore was built around 1940 when technology was nothing like it is today. The sheer effort that such a project would have taken is exhausting.

Kari and I offered to take a picture for a man who was there alone in exchange for taking our picture. He said he had gotten up early that morning to make it to Mount Rushmore and had been on the road driving since before 9am. We laughed and said we had him beat by about 6 hours. Apparently driving for hours on end to see Mount Rushmore is a common thread.

We spent some time in the gift shop where I picked up some jewelry for mom and myself as a little souvenir. It’s something I’ve been trying to do on trips instead of getting something that takes up space on my fridge. We walked out of the gift shop, bags in hand, and I snapped this last shot before we headed out. I love pictures taken from the ground.

We left Mount Rushmore with Crazy Horse the next destination punched into the GPS, and were surprised to find a nice side profile view of George Washington waiting for us around the corner. We pulled off the road to snap a couple quick shots and then we were off! Destination Crazy Horse!

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