Crazy Horse, SD

During our adventure of a thousand miles our last stop on day one was at the Crazy Horse monument, not far from Mount Rushmore. I knew absolutely nothing about Crazy Horse at the time, and I’m pretty confident that I don’t know that much more about him at this time either. That being said it was still cool to see a monument in process.

We first wandered through the memorial building. This was my favorite display inside – a collection of beads typically used in Native beading, arranged in colour groupings.

Much like Mount Rushmore another advantage to getting to Crazy Horse late was that we were the only people there. In fact they locked the doors after we left.

800 years from now when I am long dead this memorial will finally be complete. The construction of Crazy Horse has been from donations only, as the monument is to be completed without any government assistance. When all is said and done the monument is supposed to look something like this scale replica.

Inside the memorial are more scale replicas of what the finished Crazy Horse will look like. Did you know that there are no actual pictures of Crazy Horse and the designer of the monument based his portrait of Crazy Horse on descriptions he had read and heard about.

One last view of Crazy Horse from the parking lot. I liked that Mount Rushmore was a lot closer to the viewing area. This picture was taken right beside the gate sign that said, “Do not enter, authorized employees only,” so I was as close to the monument as I could get. It would be neat to be there in June sometime though to take part in the 10km (mile?) Volksmarch and walk up to the face of the monument.

We left Crazy Horse and made our way back to Rapid City for the night. Things were already closed when we got to town so we checked into our hotel and then headed to The Firehouse Brewing Company for supper. It had been mentioned in the travel guide we were using and when we asked at the hotel desk if it was any good the manager recommended it and gave us a coupon for a discounted meal! The food was tasty and the atmosphere was fun. We found Target and did a little shopping before returning back to our hotel, surprisingly not that exhausted. We got to bed at a decent time to prepare for the next journey – destination Grand Forks, ND!

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