Grand Forks, ND

We arrived in Grand Forks around 11:30pm and found our way to Jill’s house. I met Jill through Elizabeth who I met through Suzanne and to stop at her house and be able to ring her doorbell reminded me of one of the awesome qualities of the internet – bringing people together, and in this case, specifically through my love of scrapbooking. We chatted for awhile and then it was off to bed to prepare for another day of adventure.

In the morning we had waffles with Jill and the boys before Kari and I ventured out on our own to do a bit of shopping. We agreed to meet Jill back at her place after lunch, so with our shopping finished Kari and I grabbed lunch at Qdoba on the recommendation of Jill. I love tacos, but almost never order them at restaurants, but today was different. They were quite delicious and I have had dreams about eating them again since. Why can’t taco places in Canada taste like this?

We met up with Jill and then we were off again to see some of the sights of Grand Forks. Jill had compiled a list of places we needed to see. She also blogged about our adventures and I am stealing our list of stops from her:

Meadowbrook… There were so many cool things in this store that I wanted to buy but every time I picked something up “You’re moving in with your parents” (I have yet to blog about this impending move, but someday I might) kept popping into my head and I’d put it back down. Kari and Jill both found things that they liked though!

Art & Learn… A teacher store run by this very old man who is so stunningly skinny, he can shove a 300 page trade paperback in his front pocket.  There were a lot of things that I really wanted in this store and because of the impending move I like to think that I needed in this store, but I ended up buying nothing again. This time not because “You’re moving in with your parents” kept popping into my head but because I hadn’t had a chance at the time yet to organize my teaching supplies and see what exactly I still needed to get.

The Ralph… This place was overwhelming. I can understand why Canadians choose to go to university here because UND people sure do like their hockey. In all of my travels I have never seen a hockey arena quite like this one.

UND Bookstore… I love college bookstores, even when I don’t actually buy anything, that is other than a coffee. Although I didn’t really have coffee, I had a white chocolate mocha, again.

The (flooded) Red River… This was one thing I really wanted to see. Jill had told me about these gates they put up to hold in the water. It was all a very interesting operation. I never got any pictures and the river had actually receded, but holy cow was there water!

Quilter’s Eden… Hitting up a quilt shop was another thing on my to-do list for some point in the trip. It was a small little shop, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t find anything to buy. I oohed and aahed over a number of fabrics but ended up coming home with a charm pack and a couple of fat quarters.

Widman’s Candy… I love candy stores and this one did not disappoint. Their specialty item is chocolate covered potato chips using Red River Valley potatoes. I bought some for myself and for my dad, plus some peanut butter covered ones for my roommate. I immediately kicked myself for not at least trying a chocolate covered pickle when we got back in the car. I have already informed Jill that she is more than welcome to mail me some more of these treats whenever she feels like doing so. They were so good.

We popped back into the house for a bit so Jill could organize supper for her husband Curtis, and the kids. We took the opportunity to snap a few pictures together before heading out for the evening.

The Toasted Frog… We had supper here with Jill and while I can’t remember what I actually ordered, I do remember that it was good. Again I wish I had ordered the deep fried pickles as an appetizer. One really shouldn’t live their life, especially on a holiday, regretting food choices, or lack thereof. On review of the menu I remember that I ordered the Wood-Fired Open Faced Chipotle Pork Melt which I also remember as being incredibly spicy, yet still good. Normally on trips I am so good about photographing my meals and I didn’t take a single food picture this entire trip.

The River Cinema… Jill and I enjoyed Water For Elephants while Kari saw something different. The movie was very well done and the casting for August’s character was perfect! There were parts of the movie where I had to shut my eyes, just like Jill who told me, “tell me when it’s over!” I got a good laugh about the hardcore wood paneling on the interior of the theater and the efforts used to make it look like a coral.

We finished the evening off with a visit around the kitchen island with Jill and Curtis before calling it a night. In the morning we set out on the last leg of our journey – destination home!

Jill you were a gracious host and I appreciate you letting two crazy Canadians come crash at your house for a couple of nights. Although our visit was short it was a wonderful opportunity to meet a new friend in person and to explore a new city. You are welcome to come visit me waaaaaaay up noooooooooorth anytime you like!


2 thoughts on “Grand Forks, ND

  1. jill says:

    tee hee… we’ll be tempted to take you up on that offer 😉 What a fun trip! Is there one more installment?

  2. Susie says:

    Oh yea! I’m so so glad you guys got to meet in real life (I’m obviously weeks behind on blog reading) 🙂 Isn’t Jill just a hoot??

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