Table Runner

When I was in Canmore and Banff back in February I picked up this kit from the Sugar Pine Quilt Company because making a table runner was number 18 of my projects for this year. The kit came with the material for one table runner, though the pattern featured three different versions, all of which can be made with charm packs. I love sewing or quilting projects that call for pre-cut fabric because it saves me the hassle of having to try and find material that matches, and then of course, the actual cutting.

The colours are not something that I ever would have picked myself, but I suppose that’s another perk of using a charm pack for this project is that in this case I didn’t have control over the colours.

This was my first time doing such small piecing, so while things are not lined up perfectly, I’m pretty happy with how it looks. I did the stippling myself as well. It felt like this took me FOREVER and it’s really not very large, I can’t imagine trying to stipple a whole quilt myself. I think it’s worth the cash to just get someone with a long arm quilt to do it for me!

Now that I know I’m moving home to teach I’ll be living with my parents for awhile to save some much needed money, so I don’t have much need for a table runner. I’m still crossing this project off my list, though I think I’ll probably give this one away and make another for myself at another time, perhaps once I have my own kitchen to put it into?


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