Roadside Attractions

I have a fondness for large roadside attractions – world’s largest, province’s biggest, etc. A few weeks ago my roommate Carol and I went to Edmonton for the weekend and on our way home we went exploring. Highway 28 to Edmonton has numerous world’s largest if you just know where to look and because I’m moving soon I wanted to stop and get pictures with all of these world’s largest in the area.

Our first stop was in Smoky Lake, home of the pumpkin festival and this “patch” of giant pumpkins. I’ve driven past the pumpkins before, but this was the first time I took a picture. The pumpkins are placed just so to discourage taking a picture actually on the pumpkins. When I was teaching kindergarten a girl in my class went to the pumpkin festival with her mom and told me that it was “SO COOL!” so now I think that I’ll have to attend it someday!

Our next stop was in Vilna to see the world’s largest mushrooms. For being the world’s largest you think they would be easier to find but this was actually the second time I tried to find them. Carol and I drove down main street and found a sign that said “Mushrooms, that way” so how I missed them on my first visit is beyond me. Vilna actually had a cool little main street and Carol and I both decided that sometime when I come to visit we are going to drive back there to actually check the place out.

The giant perogy can be found in Glendon and this is the second time I’ve been there to see it. Years ago when I was still in university my cousin Bobbi took me there. I found out the following weekend that at the Glendon Farmer’s Market on Saturdays that no one even sells homemade perogies. That seems like a travesty.

Carol was all about the unique hand placement!

There were a few that we missed that we were close to, but still kind of out of our way. This just gives me another reason to come back and visit so we can make our way to Edmonton again I guess!


One thought on “Roadside Attractions

  1. Traci says:

    What a fun trip! I’m all about the “world’s largest” things too, but since I live in NY, our road trips tend to focus on the northeast U.S. We’ve seen the world’s largest kaleidoscope, light bulb, garden gnome, and several others. We’ve tried the same photo tricks with the hand placements, too! 🙂

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