Monthly Archives: July 2011

Scrapbook Sunday

My Mom and Dad came to visit one weekend and we went out on a wild fishing trip. They still talk about how much fun they had so it definitely needed to be documented.

The last time we all got together for a family picture for our grandparents was before Michelle was even part of the family picture, so for Christmas in 2008 we got together to take pictures for the grandparents. Shane has since suggested that we submit this photo to Awkward Family Photos because we’re all wearing Roughrider jerseys.

This was one of the pages I did during a weekend trip to scrapbook with Lindsay, which explains why the edges are tore up on the orange paper. She has the tool to do it and I don’t! I can always tell which pages I’ve made at her place because I tend to sand the pictures, tear the edges or ink them because I can use her tools!

Scrapbook Sunday

Our lake is one of few in Saskatchewan where quadding is still allowed so one rainy weekend we loaded up the quads and met up with some friends of Dad’s for a drive around the park. I got to drive through the middle of a creek for the first time and screamed the entire time while doing it. I arrived at the Little Bear campground soaking wet and loving it.

I got to be an Oilers fan while I lived in Edmonton and got to go to a couple of games with Carmen. Craig managed to snag tickets for us through work so we got to see them beat Tampa Bay. Our seats were so close to the ice we could hear them yelling! It was great!

I spend a solid ten months of the year just waiting for a chance to spend two months of the year parked right there. Like the journalling says that view is just a part of my summer. I have a lot of scrapbook pages with pictures a lot like this, but you can never have too many!

The Stuffed Mushroom Cap Burger

My last Thursday in town before I moved home we had our last family BBQ and for the last time (at least for awhile) I made my stuffed mushroom caps. We had decided to have burgers for supper, and were eating the stuffed mushrooms as appetizers. When the burgers came in from the BBQ Tyler had a brilliant idea…

That right there is a stuffed mushroom cap burger. Possibly the greatest food combination since chocolate chip covered oreo cookies.

It required a bit of “smooshing” in order to actually get the whole thing in his mouth.

Mmm mmm good.