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My Bucket List

I’ve been absent from blogging for a number of reasons, but I’m getting back into the swing of things. So many lists I could be sharing, but today I bring you my bucket list of sorts. Some items left to do, and some that probably won’t ever happen (university convocation – already have my two degrees and didn’t attend convocation for either and going back to school is not likely in the cards for me). It’s an ever changing list with additions and deletions and completions (indicated by those with a bolded date).

What’s on your list?

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon. July 17, 2013
  2. Stand at the edge of a volcano.
  3. See the Riders play on Taylor field. October 23, 2005
  4. Become a mom.
  5. Take a cake decorating class.
  6. Complete a university degree. November 20, 2008
  7. Attend a filming of a talk show.
  8. Be in a play.
  9. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  10. Own my own house. September 1, 2013
  11. Get married.
  12. Go to a drive in movie.
  13. Own a clawfoot bathtub.
  14. See a Broadway production. March 2, 2008
  15. Stay up all night watching a meteor shower.
  16. Swim in a hot spring.
  17. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  18. Kiss the Blarney Stone.
  19. Go gambling on the Vegas Strip.
  20. Make out in the rain.
  21. Cut my hair and donate it to Locks of Love.
  22. Walk on the Columbian Ice Fields.
  23. Ride the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria.
  24. See Niagara Falls. July 18, 2012
  25. Visit the home of Anne of Green Gables. July 20, 2012
  26. Walk Spadina in the fall. September 8, 2012
  27. Buy a brand new vehicle. July 28, 2009
  28. Visit Disneyland/world. August 11, 2013
  29. See an NHL game. March 11, 2008
  30. Donate blood.
  31. Adopt an animal from the SPCA.
  32. Swim with the dolphins.
  33. Go on a Caribbean cruise.
  34. Go skating on the Rideau Canal.
  35. Learn to speak a second language fluently.
  36. Scuba dive off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
  37. Attend a large music event.
  38. Learn to play an instrument well.
  39. Have a day treatment at a spa. March 2, 2013
  40. Take a class in photography. March 10, 2013
  41. Have a house with a huge veranda.
  42. Visit/Stay at the Ice Hotel in Quebec.
  43. Be healthy enough to enjoy running.
  44. Ride a mechanical bull.
  45. Try playing the bagpipes.
  46. Visit the Louvre.
  47. See the Scottish Highlands.
  48. Try to find the Loch Ness monster.
  49. Visit the Stonehenge in England.
  50. Plan a trip to the United States. March 24 – 31, 2007
  51. Attend an Oktoberfest in Germany.
  52. Drink beer in Munich and lots of it.
  53. See Mainau, the Island of Flowers.
  54. Work with Habitat for Humanity.
  55. Complete a photo scavenger hunt.
  56. Participate in a walk/run for a cure. October 2, 2005
  57. Take a tour of the Big Rock brewery.
  58. See Riverdance on stage. February 23, 2008
  59. Swim in a waterfall.
  60. See penguins in a zoo. February 19, 2006
  61. Visit a chocolate factory. February 13, 2006
  62. Have a layout published in a scrapbook magazine. September, 2006
  63. Plan a real holiday outside of the Prairie Provinces. February 11-19, 2006
  64. Learn enough German to talk to my dad.
  65. Research our relatives in England.
  66. Sing in front of a large crowd.
  67. Cook/bake something that needs to be set on fire.
  68. Go to Montreal in the spring.
  69. See Ottawa when there isn’t snow on the ground. July 16, 2012
  70. Go to San Francisco and ride a cable car. July 13 – 17, 2010
  71. Take the train somewhere. Tuesday, November 10, 2009 (Mission to Vancouver)
  72. Ride the subway. July 13 – 17, 2010
  73. Stop being so terrified of the LRT. 14, 2007 (Portland, OR)
  74. Dye at least part of my hair a crazy colour. May 27, 2009
  75. Stay outside to watch a storm pass through.
  76. Attend Mardi Gras.
  77. Go scuba diving.
  78. Attend my university convocation ceremony.
  79. Get a henna tattoo. February 14, 2011
  80. Get a small, real tattoo.
  81. Work abroad.
  82. Holiday in Australia.
  83. Make the dean’s list once.
  84. Get accepted into education. June 26, 2006
  85. See where the city of Pompeii once stood.
  86. Spend a day or two on the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
  87. Watch the sun rise from a beach.
  88. Read the Harry Potter series.


lwf2014This post is part of a list-making project called Lists With Friends 2014, an effort to document the year in lists of all types.

For a Good Laugh or Good Advice

I love Pinterest. I love it for all the obvious reasons, the recipes, the home decor ideas, the crafts, but especially for the humorous ecards and quotes. My For a Good Laugh or Good Advice is by far my favorite board, and one that I come back to often. I admit to being Pinterest obsessed, with over 5000 pins, but this board is the one I go back to the most when I’m needing a laugh or a pick me up.

Here are some of my favorite quotes and funny finds – some that are just good and some that are totally fitting to life right now.

goodadvice1 goodadvice2 goodadvice3 goodadvice4 goodadvice5 goodlaugh1 goodlaugh2 goodlaugh3 goodlaugh4 goodlaugh5


lwf2014This post is part of a list-making project called Lists With Friends 2014, an effort to document the year in lists of all types.

Why I Love Birthdays

It seems to be the accepted norm to dread or dislike birthdays once you reach a certain age. I have always loved birthdays. I will admit that I had a hard time turning 19 – something about stepping into the real world and making independent decisions – but aside from that particular year I loved all birthdays before and since. I’m a firm believer in birthday weeks and have always enjoyed finding various activities to occupy the days leading up to and following my birthday. Maybe someday I’ll be dragging my heels, but today I am fully embracing turning 29 (for the first time!).

So here we have it, a list of why I love my birthday…

1. Facebook wishes. Need I say more? Logging in to see a wealth of notifications from friends and family wishing me well on my big day? An easy way to plaster a smile on my face.

2. My class makes me feel loved. Almost everyone of them could tell you that today was my birthday and the majority could even tell you my age. They walked in this morning saying Happy Birthday and walked out this afternoon wishing me well a second time.

photo 2(1)

3. Presents. I will openly admit that I love receiving gifts on special occasions, big or small.

photo 1

4. Family. Age nor location has kept my extended family from gathering together to celebrate my birthday, whether it be the day of, or a few days after. This is a great benefit of having the majority of my aunts and uncles, and grandparents all live within a 20 mile radius of each other.

5. Text Messages. Technology has made birthdays just that much more fun.

photo 1

6. Snacks. If my birthday falls on a school day you can guarantee there will be some kind of snack to share. These owl cupcakes were made by the Kindergarten class.

photo 2

7. Birthday Supper. Location keeps me from eating out too often, so I love a special occasion to get together with friends and/or family and have someone else make (well, and pay for) my supper.

8. I can eat as much cake as I want to. Because this Kindergartner said I was allowed.

photo 3


lwf2014This post is part of a list-making project called Lists With Friends 2014, an effort to document the year in lists of all types.