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The International Peace Garden

This is the last post about this journey of a thousand (or more) miles. When we were compiling our itinerary for this trip I was adamant that we get to see the International Peace Garden. Canada and the United States has the world’s largest unprotected border and the International Peace Garden is a celebration of the peace maintained between the two countries. It was an interesting stop. We were there too early in the spring to see any flowers blooming and there was a lot that we didn’t get to see. It would definitely be worth the drive to go back to it again someday.

There are a lot of cool things to see at the peace garden, but the Peace Towers were the structure that I was most interested in seeing. The towers are 120 feet tall, and the height is supposed to represent immigrants soaring ambition when coming to either country.

The four columns symbolize the four corners of the earth from which thousands of immigrants arrived into Canada and the United States in the 1800s and 1900s to build better lives for themselves. Two columns stand in Manitoba and two in North Dakota, facing each other in two similar, but separate societies.

Straddling the 49th parallel, essentially in four places at once. Half of me is in North Dakota, USA and the other half is in Manitoba, Canada. It’s a very cool experience knowing today’s security measures with crossing borders. You are able to enter the International Peace Garden from either side without having to go through customs, the entrance to the garden lying between either border crossing station.

Looking up was my favorite view, but I probably never would have done it had Jill not shown me her pictures!

We get so focused on what’s straight ahead of us that we forget to look and see what’s above us! We hopped back in the car, went through Canadian customs and we were on our way home!

The International Peace Garden is in the Turtle Mountains, a park and recreation area shared by North Dakota and Manitoba, so we weren’t really surprised to pull into Boissevain, MB and find this giant turtle waving flags to greet us. Upon a little research I found that this is Tommy the Turtle who was apparently constructed as a symbol of the community’s summer “Turtle Derby.”

After stopping in Brandon, MB for lunch and Regina, SK for a Costco pitstop our very last stop of the trip was in Watson, SK because I am a sucker for “world’s largest” and roadside attractions of the giant nature. I’ve seen this Santa many times on drives from my parents to Regina but we’d never stopped for a picture so just an hour from home I finally had my chance to stop for this snapshot.

With this trip under wraps I was able to cross another project off of my Project 52 list – #7 Travel some place totally new. This trip was my very first time to a few places in southern Saskatchewan, and then of course, everything in North Dakota and South Dakota was totally new! What a great Easter break!


A Day In The Life

Last Saturday (March 26) I decided to tackle project #2: Complete a Day in the Life scrapbook project. I’m not sure why I said scrapbook project because essentially I’m okay with these pictures not going any farther than this, but we’ll see where that gets to! Saturday seemed like a good day because I wasn’t going too far from home, I could have my camera out at the ready for everything. If you’re not a camera person this next sentence is going to sound weird to you. Saturday also seemed like a good day because I was really missing my camera and this gave me an excuse to use it multiple times during the day.

7:56 am Up at the crack of dawn for no real good reason I decide to make use of this fact and have the first load of laundry in the washer before 8:00.

7:57 am Ingredients are pulled out of the fridge for breakfast.

8:13 am A herb, mushroom and cheese frittata is ready to go in the oven.

8:26 am Ingredients for a marinated bean salad are drained and waiting for the dressing.

8:36 am Chopping up celery to add to my bean salad. I love how celery looks from this angle.

8:45 am My two most commonly referred to cookbooks – the netbook and a notebook where I write recipes from family members.

8:46 am My frittata has inflated awkwardly during the baking process.

8:47 am Ready to dig in!

8:50 am I do my first load of dishes for the day while my frittata cools off a bit.

9:33 am Chocolate chip banana muffin ingredients assemble around the mixer for our hockey windup tonight.

10:03 am Laundry is ready to be switched around.

10:18 am For the first time in ages I actually fold everything as soon as it comes out of the dryer and get everything hung up immediately.

10:48 am I take a blogging break and get caught up on some blog posts, recipes and Facebook.

12:17 pm Carol and I sit down to try and tackle the giant mess we started during the week when we decided we wanted to make a bunch of cards.

12:48 pm The towel load is finished and ready to be put away.

2:17 pm This cutie patootie shows up at the house to do some sword fighting.

2:19 pm Sword fighting is too much for Kayden and he crashes for a nap.

3:47 pm We ran into town for a few groceries and supplies for tonight’s hockey wind up, and I need supplies to make Teresa’s birthday cake tomorrow.

3:48 pm Meowing Miya wants attention…or food.

4:09 pm A little cracker, cheese and pepperoni snack before supper.

4:50 pm Honey Mustard chicken goes in the oven for supper.

5:44 pm I cut up the cucumbers and make the dressing for my cucumber salad to have with supper.

5:44 pm Tastes delicious!

5:56 pm Roasted asparagus, honey mustard chicken and cucumber salad, all ready to eat!

6:43 pm I continue to work on my cards while Carol gets ready for the hockey windup.

7:08 pm Twenty minutes later and I have four cards almost finished.

7:17 pm These two are not supposed to be in there!

7:19 pm I pull my make up out and start to get ready for the night.

7:27 pm Mascara is always last. My eyes look tired thanks to my 7am wake up.

7:36 pm All ready to go!

11:08 pm Having a great time with our hockey team at the wind up!

2:53 am Even the kitties are settled into their chair and ready for bed at this hour.

2:55 pm I take a minute to reflect on the day, crossing things off my never ending to-do list.

2:57 pm Good night!

Good Food + Good People

It was my birthday on Friday and to celebrate my friends came over for an appetizer party. The only requirements for attendance was that you show up with some sort of appetizer in hand. It was a very rich (and delicious) cheesey goodness kind of night. It’s nice to have friends who support my idea that a night in with friends is just as fun as a night out with friends (cheaper too!) We had good food, good games, and of course, good company.

Craig brought Seafood Surprise Spread. I’m not a huge seafood fan, but the little shrimp pieces in this taste so good!

Kathy brought mushroom caps that were loaded with bacon and topped with cheese. You can never go wrong with bacon.

She also brought crab stuffed snowpeas. Something I’ve never even heard of before, but they were delicious. It was a good combination of something creamy and smooth with the nice crunch of the snap peas.

Jenna brought bruschetta and it was tasty!

I made stuffed mushroom caps too, and hot artichoke dip, but I’ll share them later so I can include the recipes.

My 26th birthday was a blast and I’m so blessed to have been able to celebrate it with these people. You know I’ve been talking with friends here lately about how I’m not sure of what I’m doing with my life and whether I want to stay where I am. I’ve been feeling so uncertain about where my life is going lately, but when I was transferring these pictures from my camera to my computer I saw this one and I just thought how in the world could I want to be anywhere else? I love these people.