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Hopscotch Too, Complete!

In an unexpected turn of events I miraculously finished my Hopscotch Too quilt before August! With my upcoming move I’ve been packing things up and initially had this quilt packed up in it’s unfinished state, but it was bothering me that I was packing up something that wasn’t done. During my last day off from work I decided enough was enough and instead of packing, I put the binding on this quilt.

I don’t have a picture of the back, but I used some green Moda fabric that I had picked up from Fabricland during a buy 1 meter get 2 meters free sale. Because I had so much fabric I used the same stuff to make the binding.

The wind was not cooperating with me when I was trying to take pictures and this was the best of the bunch. The quilt was small enough to tackle myself on my sewing machine, so I sewed across the diagonals of the squares and did straight stitching around the borders. I am very pleased with how it turned out!

With this quilt I can cross project #6 off of my list as this is my second completed quilt. Quilt number three however has been cut out and partially sewn, and perhaps could see the light of daily usage by sometime this fall. Perhaps.

Hopscotch Too, An Update

An alternative title for this post could be, “Sweet Murphy Why Is This Not Done Yet?”

The quilt top for this quilt sat finished in my sewing box for quite a few weeks, just waiting to be sandwiched with the batting and backing, but I just never got around to it. When I have multiple hobbies I tend to swing around with what grabs my attention at the time being, and for close to a month quilting was not grabbing my attention. It stems from my hatred of ironing. If someone would iron for me I’d sew all day, but no one has made that offer so instead I choose to cook or scrapbook instead.

That being said due to some scheduled days off work and some surprise days off work thanks to contract negotiations I unexpectedly had a week off in the middle of May. I decided to use some of my free time and finally sandwiched the quilt pieces together and got down to finishing this project.

Except I didn’t finish it…all that waits now is the binding and if there’s one thing I hate more than ironing, it’s doing the binding on my quilts. Expect a final update on this quilt sometime in August.

Boardwalk Table Runner

One of my projects for the year was to make a table runner for myself. I like how they are like quilts, but in smaller and more manageable sizes. If I had all the supplies I could make a table runner in an afternoon as opposed to a quilt that takes me all eternity. When we were at the Sugar Pine Quilt Company back in February I picked up a kit for making a table runner.

I’ve been working on it slowly for a couple of weeks now. It required a lot of cutting, although most of the cutting was out of charm squares which made the cutting easier. I didn’t realize that the pattern had so many little pieces in it though. Keep my seam allowances even has proven to be a real challenge with this table runner. I’ve had to make use of the seam runner more than once to try and get things to line up properly.

The brown squares in the middle are my most obvious mistakes. The sizes are a little off from square to square, and some of them came out looking much more like rectangles than squares. That being said they are only obvious if you are going to stare at it and scrutinize it, but for the most part once I get this table runner finished it will sit on the table with my giant fruit bowl on top of it, so most of the flaws won’t even be noticeable!

I sat down with it last week determined to get it finished that day only to discover that the kit either didn’t come with backing or else I cut something that I shouldn’t have. I could probably piece something together to make the backing work, but I haven’t tried that yet. All that remains once I have the backing is to quilt it and bind it then I can cross this off of my project list too!