Project 52

Here is my list of projects for the year. I’ll be updating this list as things are completed.

  1. Read 12 new books. (2/12)
  2. Complete a Day in the Life scrapbook project. Done.
  3. Try 100 NEW recipes. (50/100)
  4. Send more random gifts and thoughtful mail.
  5. Do a Photo a Day project for a month.
  6. Finish two quilts. (1/2) Done.
  7. Travel some place totally new. Done.
  8. Make a butterfly wall hanging. Done.
  9. Enlarge and frame one of my own pictures.
  10. Host and/or attend a retreat.
  11. Host a dinner party.
  12. Do a Layout a Day for a month.
  13. Eat meat free for a week. Done.
  14. Eat gluten free for a week.
  15. Finish Mom & Dad’s PEI scrapbook.
  16. Complete an Encyclopedia of Me scrapbook.
  17. Make a wreath.
  18. Sew a table runner for myself. Done.
  19. Make and mail Christmas cards.
  20. Take an art class. Done.
  21. Take a sewing/quilting class.
  22. Paint everyday for a week.
  23. Sing in public.
  24. Frame student art for the classroom.
  25. Make my own subway art.
  26. Take a Big Picture Scrapbooking class and actually do the work.
  27. Frame my Bachelor of Arts degree.
  28. Paint my bedroom.
  29. Make a Christmas Memories scrapbook.
  30. Make a Christmas Ornament scrapbook.
  31. Go to the drive in movie theater.
  32. Pay off credit card.
  33. Go to a Roughrider game.
  34. Make homemade ice cream.
  35. Go to an Oilers game.
  36. Watch 12 new movies. (6/12)
  37. Donate blood.
  38. Go golfing twice. (0/2)
  39. Get new glasses. Done.
  40. Complete a December Daily scrapbook.
  41. Stay up and watch a meteor shower.
  42. Volunteer.
  43. Get a massage.
  44. Lose 50 lbs. (0/50)
  45. Go for a walk 2 times or more a week. (1/104)
  46. Edit, delete, and back up photos every month. (0/12)
  47. Floss regularly.
  48. Attend a concert.
  49. Make a once a month all about me scrapbook page. (0/12)
  50. Clean up for 10 minutes before bed.
  51. Make 12 meaningful phone calls to friends. (0/12)
  52. Get more real plants for the classroom and home.

4 thoughts on “Project 52

  1. Date Girl says:

    Great list! I nabbed a couple of yours too. 😉 I love the idea of an Encyclopedia about Me scrapbook. Where did you come up with that idea? I’m looking forward to a post on that. Sounds like that’d be a really fun project.

    • nadineabean says:

      It was actually a class I took through Big Picture Scrapbooking offered by Cathy Zielske. If you go to her blog you can find some information on it. I printed off all of the instructions for doing it, but then just never got around to actually doing it. Even without the notes if you can see some examples on her blog it’s pretty easy to understand the idea behind it and how to do it. Have you ever read Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krause Rosenthal? Her book is what the scrapbook idea is based on.

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  3. christie says:

    Hello! I am going to take this idea and build on it; thank you for being so creative!

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